Bean Bag - King - Plush Fur

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Size: King
Fabric: Plush Fur
Color: Brown

Plunge into comfort with our King Chair in Plush Fur! This dreamy convertible bean bag chair can be used anywhere you need a little extra comfort, from bedrooms and game rooms to family rooms. Its generous size makes it ideal for connecting with your special someone or playing the latest video game. It's no surprise you'll feel like royalty the minute you sink into our King Chair.

Everyone deserves a little softness and warmth in their lives, and this fluffy fur cover provides both in abundance. The luxurious cover is incredibly soft to the touch, making you feel like you're being wrapped up in your favorite childhood blanket. Best of all, clean-up will always be a breeze as the removable cover is washing machine and dryer friendly.

Tired of having your guests sleeping on air mattresses that always seem to lose their firmness in the middle of the night? Or dealing with pull-out couches that take forever to set up? Then our King convertible bean bag chair is perfect for you! Simply remove the outer cover to reveal an eco-friendly polyfoam bed that provides lasting support and softness. Your guests will not only have a comfortable place to sleep, but you'll wake up to your guests asking when they can visit again!

The King Chair in Plush Fur is big on comfort but is small enough to fit in almost any space in your home, so you'll never have to worry about clutter. This stylish and versatile chair comes in a variety of colors to match any decor, and it's built to last with a Comfort for Life guarantee. So snuggle up and let your troubles melt away. Our King Chair in Plush Fur is sure to be your new favorite seat!